Common Rail
Diesel Fuel Injection Wear
Component Test Capability for Ultra-Low Sulphur
Diesel (ULSD) and Lubricity Additive Evaluation


Main features of Common Rail test bench:

  • Fully automated test stand to perform the rigorous CRC/Bosch 500-hour durability test for common rail diesel fuel injection systems and fuel injection system components.
  • Can manage all aspects of the CRC/Bosch test format, including test fuel storage, blending and handling, laboratory analysis of test fuels, evaluation of fuel lubricity.
  • Will ensure timely delivery of accurate test results to meet your testing needs.
  • Control of test fuel temperature

The AET Common Rail Test Bench with
GM Duramax Common Rail Fuel Injection Pump
  • Control of test fuel moisture content (fuel moisture content has been shown to be a significant parameter that should be controlled to reduce wear component variation from test to test)
  • All wetted components of the test bench fuel system are either Stainless Steel or Teflon to minimize plating-out of fuel lubricity additives
  • Direct drive with oversized electric drive motor provides an accurate simulation of common rail pump driveline rotational inertia and torsional stiffness
  • Flexible bench configuration permits the testing of a wide variety of high speed diesel engine common rail fuel injection pumps


RC / Bosch Common Rail Diesel Injection Pump Test Schedule –
180 second portion of 500 hour test

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