Generac Backup Power
(approx. 11 kW)

Installation and Service Available in Ottawa / Eastern Ontario / Quebec (West)

Worried about the electricity going out in your home or business?

As an authorized Generac dealer, AET is pleased to offer dependable, quiet power sources for all of your commercial / home backup power needs. Generac options are presented in more detail in the downloadable brochure, Automatic Business / Home Standby Generators or visit our Generac Backup Power page. If you’re located in the Ottawa / Eastern Ontario / West Quebec area, contact us today for a full service quotation.
1 - 2.5 kW Diesel Generator Sets

AET is a leader in the development of small, compact, light-weight diesel fuelled generator sets with associated cold starting capabilities. Typical applications include search and rescue, and military applications. Development efforts have focused on three main products, based on patented AET technology: The Ultra-Lite, Flex-Lite, and Polar-Lite.

AET Natural Gas Backup
Fueled Stand-by and Co-generation Generator Set (7 - 15 kW) for Small Business Applications

Interested in the availability of stand-by power while using co-generation to reduce your heating needs? AET offers a quiet, environmentally clean, robust and reliable, natural gas / propane / diesel fueled stand-by genset with co-generation (heat recovery). This new product can reduce your utility generated power requirements during peak periods. Waste heat generated can be recovered to supplement building heating requirements during winter months. AET cold starting know-how allows this system to automatically start down to -30°C.