Feedback from IQT™ users has revealed that flushing and purging the IQT™’s fuel system is one of the most complicated aspects of operating and IQT™. Flushing of the fuel system is required to remove any remnants of a previous test sample. Proper execution of the purging procedure is required in order to completely remove any air from the fuel injection system.

In order to simplify operation of the IQT™, AET has developed Automated Bleed Valve Controllers. Two pneumatically-driven rotary actuators are used to gently open and close the IQT™’s existing bleed valves, completely under the control of the IQT™ System Software (ISS). When installed, the controllers allow the IQT™’s operator to perform the flushing and purging procedures automatically at the touch of a button.

TALM-K5 installed on an IQT™ instrument

Key Benefits

  • Single step flushing and purging simplifies operating procedures reducing risk of possible operator error.
  • Automated flushing and purging ensure that these procedureces are performed properly and consistantly.
  • Reduces operator time and attention required.
  • Significantly increases bleed valve durability.


  • All existing IQT™s can be retrofitted with this kit.
  • Installation is straight-forward and can be completed with only basic tools


This kit requires:
  • TALM-K1 – System Control Cabinet
  • TALM-K2 – TALM Software Package



Actuation gas type
Dry, oil-free compressed air1
Actuation gas pressure
70±5 psi (480±35 kPa)
Actuation gas consumption cui
Maximum actuator travel 0 to ~60 degrees2
Actuator volume cui 0.6
Hose volume cui 1.1
Hose length 24"
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm
21 x 5.5 x 8.3
Mass Kg 0.878

1 uses IQT™'s injection actuator air supply
2 actuator travel is user-adjustable